Monday, October 29, 2012

Comic Post #24: Superior Knowledge / MLP:FiM - Chickens Can't Fly / He Is So Girly

If You Only Knew The Power Of The Friendship... by ~MrBeattyJr

And no, the cupcake doesn't have to be referencing the infamous fanfic. Sheesh, some of you...

Crap. Irony strikes again.

Ah well, some juicy, delicious comics to be found below.

1. Superior Knowledge by *CzudakX

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2. MLP:FIM - Chickens Can't Fly by =TikyoTheEnigma

What really makes me mad is that Fluttershy was the one to say it. You'd think she'd be more considerate of her farm animals' feelings.

Is this what you would called "comixed"? A silly lil' joke on MLB that I really enjoyed. You wonder what was going through that colt's mind...