Monday, October 29, 2012

Mega Music Post #11

Pinkie Pie - Dat ass! by Tereza2011
Dat Pinkie! Dat music! Dat page break! DAT EVERYTHING!
And you can "Dat *Insert magnificent thing worthy of mentioning here*" too, when you see all of this good stuff!

1.) Fluttershy's Lullaby (Sonata)
2.) Smile Like You Mean It Song.
3.) Mintjam-Passing By Cover by Radix
4.) The Nightmare Returns
5.) MLP: Octavia's Battle Theme (Remix)
6.) Samurai Dance Party - Bronyism
7.) Queen of Fright (Ft. Alioopster27) - Original MLP Music
8.) Carefree - Nu Jazz
9.) Blaze & LaserPon3 - Daft beep (work in progress?)
10.) ThePonice - Beware