Monday, October 29, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #10


Well Halloween's on the way, so let's discuss a few scary things:
  1. What do you think is the scariest possible thing that would be allowed in MLP:FIM
  2. The Hub has canceled all future seasons: wat do? (it's hypothetical people, so you can stop worrying. Scary, I know)
  3. So apparently only hooved animals can talk in equestria. Assuming all the aimals actually use their hooves to talk somehow, how mutated would a horse need to be to even do that? I mean how does that even work?!
  4. IMHC that green powder Zecora used on Nightmare Night was made of intelligent nanomachines and the reason Luna/Celestia/ponies in general have no power over the Everfree forest is because it's all a swarm of nanites disguised as a forest, in a partially-contained grey goo scenario... Wait, was I supposed to phrase that as a question? Oh well. At least you all have the opportunity to learn a little about nanotechnology now: here, here and here. Oooh... learning... spooky! At least for some of you maybe... take that as a challenge.
Anyways, just in case this hurricane gets scary and I lose internet access, I'll post this early tonight.