Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nightly Megathread # 32

Happy Nightmare Night! by *asluc96
I was working all day, with no break or way to do the Nightly, so I wasn't prepared for this. |view it after the break|

Story Time

Day by day til death take you, hour by hour til breath cease to pass your lips, minute by minute til your body is as cold as your tomb, seconds away from this experience. But this is now, and my story was then, one Nightmare Night when our greatest fear was not but not getting a lot of candy. Oh but as the day progressed I felt very strange, a if a fire of crystals radiated just behind my eyes. my vision would dance and spark, the obscurities like prisms blowing through a wind in my mind. I was cursed.when the flames would stand as the statue of victory, I could see a wicked face in the prisms of light. "what do you want of me phantom?". No reply came. "You are the creature of obscurity, and sin. Why do you come to me?". with a low howling moan the phantom spoke "Do you not like these prisms I put in your eyes? are you not content that you can not see beauty beyond your world?". As he said these words I found my senses , I was standing in something wet and warm, I felt a gash along my flank, I felt the cold of metal beneath my hoof. "What is this sorcery?" I demanded. "You were not using your body for you own purposes, so I decided to use it. you will find you town a desolate place. but not before you killed the last pony, did they put a hex on you. in 35 years to the day you will die, life slipping from your grasp. now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with Nightmare." He said with a cocky grin. It was that year, 35 years ago that Nightmare Moon returned to the earth. and now that my time has come I must pass on a message to you, travler. Don't play with obscurities,take the knife by my bed, it is the one used to kill everypony in town, destroy it that we may all be free of its tyranny and released from the oppression that these dark forces have wrought upon us. they will fear us more than we...

Happy Nightmare Night

Happy Nightmare Night and Halloween!!! ^,..,^ by ~Nykkes88

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by naivemetaphysics


What hath occurred on this night of nightmares? What exploits did you partake in regarding equines? What was the pinnacle of this dreadful night? What emprise will make you rue this day?
What did you do on Halloween/Nightmare Night? What pony related things did you do? What was the best part of the day? What was the worst part of the day?