Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mega Music Post #13

Applejack is not amused with this post, but that's okay because background ponies don't have a say in much. So enjoy the music!
(Don't kill me, Applejack fans!)

1.) The Spirit of Nightmare Night - KFrohman
2.) Macarou - Into The Hive
3.) Chill
4.) Let This Be The End (FIReNVY Remix) [WIP]
5.) Pinkie Pie - Chimmy Cherry Changa (174UDSI Remix)
6.) Sonic Breakbeat - Show Off
7.) Past Sins: Treachery
8.) Resonantwaves - Ponyville's Catacombs
9.) Happy Halloween! #1: My Little Colt- Alice Human Sacrifice