Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Top Ten Pony Videos of November 2012

You guys voted, so here it is. The Top Ten Pony Videos of November 2012! Go past the break to see who won!

10 Sonic Time-Boom by PierceSmoulder:

9One Dark Apple by Mr. Poniator:

8 [SFM] Taking Flight by Acinonyx Jubatus:

7 Lauren Faust's Stalker by Alfa995:

6 Tavilicious (Octavia) by CarbonMaestro:

5 Too Many Pinkie Pies: The Real Ending by DeusGear:

4 Anthropology - Lyra's Song (Rough Storyboard) by isaiahdjkim:

3 Lyrvator by Snapai:

2 My Little Pony: DOTA 2 by Yudhaikeledai:

1 Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies by jjkmovies:

Honorable Mentions

[Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 3 (Applejack) BogyleBronies:

My Little Fortress 2 - Red Spy! (Babs Seed parody) by 2007Excalibur2007:

Don't let scootaloo near drums by DavidLarsenM1:

Opening Video
Twitcha Twitch Yay by LimeyLassen:

Credits Song 
Make It Special (Season Rebirth Mix) by Foozogz:

Life is Beautiful Deadly Premonition