Friday, December 21, 2012

Music: She's a Vampire N-TYPE / Beyond Her Garden / Give me YOUR remix wishes / Spike's Spirit

 Blrlrlrl we've got ohh~ everything you need! We've got Vinyl/Octavia reverse singing techno, some...oooh some jazz of beyond Her Garden *slides out of chair* nyaah~, 174UDSI asking YOU what he should rem- YES YOU IN THE FRONT ROW! What he should remix. It's also got Pinkie dancing in a banana suit... I honestly don't need to explain it further than that. And uhhh- OOH! AND WE'VE GOT CHIPTUNE FOR SPIKE!

1.) She's a Vampire N-TYPE (ft. Cyril, Jessi, and Eile)
2.) [SaxBrony] Beyond Her Garden - Sax Cover
3.) Give me YOUR remix wishes
4.) Spike's Spirit [Original MLP Chiptune]