Friday, December 21, 2012

Mashup: Rainbow Factory Duet/ one BAD APPLE!!/ Love Me Cheerilee Duet/ Set Fire to Ponyville/ Hooves Up Higher And Higher (Psycosis Bootleg Remix)

I think she did know the truth about doomsday...

Maybe I'm crazy~
Maybe I'm a slave to my old self
I'd rather be crazy~
Than share you with somebody else

We got duet mashups for "Rainbow Factory" and "Love Me, Cheerliee", Touhou, the mashup I played post-doomsday, and (as an added bonus) a bootleg remix of a mashup between Silva Hound and Passion Pit...

I would mashup the pagebreak, but it would be pointless now...

1. Rainbow Factory Duet (Gyro Mashup Feat. Woodentoaster and PKemi)
2. PC-98 "one BAD APPLE!!" (mlp:fim + touhou 4)
3. Love Me Cheerilee Duet (Gyro mashup Feat. Thelivingtombstone and Mandopony)
4. The Living Tombstone vs. Adele - Set Fire to Ponyville
5. Hooves Up Higher And Higher (Psycosis Bootleg Remix)