Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nightly Megathread #81

Alright, Radio... Your To-Do list is almost complete... They're just a couple more things on here (with the exception of that one thing, unfortunately), and I'm done until you get back from Hawaii...

In the meantime, the rest of you can enjoy this header this NM after the break...


Story Time

It kinda has that FPLOONinal spin to it...

Question Time

This was brought up as a serious note one time, until someone among the Blog6 turned it into a joke. (You can guess who did, if you want...) And, that's where this question comes in... (kind of?)

If the staff here at Discord's Domain had a tumblr, how would you like that to go? Would it be more of a Ask-like tumblr... (with a hint of a Blog6 storyline) or a tumblr with Blog6 comics and art concepts, that would sometimes end up on the the site's DA page? You decide in this "what if" scenario... (that probably wouldn't happen, anyway, but "ya nevah know...")

Note: This question is referring to the staff running the tumblr, not relating to someone else who makes a tumblr based on the Blog6 and Co.... (Inb4 someone does that in the future...)