Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comics : Applejack Shines! / Duty Calls / Sticky Situation / Dash Academy / Just a Thought

Have some comics. We got the only thing standing in the way of an AJ episode, more of Luna's job, the conclusion of perv Twi, another installment of Dash Academy, and some deep thought Pinkie. Read em' after the break!

Dys. Equestria: Applejack Shines! by *AniRichie-Art

Come on AJ, a silly ol' doomsday won't stop you.

QUICKIE: Duty Calls by ~HatBulbProductions

We all know that's Sweetie Belle's dream come true.

Sticky situation 2! by ~CIRILIKO

I hear short manes are in this season

Dash Academy 5- Old Friends, New Friends 3 by *SorcerusHorserus

I just know Derpy will get the hang of it eventually.

Just a Thought in the Morning by ~Ruffu

Personally, that isn't how I would want to wake up in the morning.