Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Las Pegasus Unicon Holding T-Shirt Fundraiser For Charity

   Las Pegasus Unicon  is preparing a limited edition run of T-shirts to help benefit the College View School, the preferred charity of show writer Amy Keating Rogers.. Only 250 shirts will be made, and they will be signed by Amy Keating Rogers. The proceeds from the shirt sale benefit the school. You must order them before Chrsitmas, and you do not have to attend the con to receive one—just mention that you cannot attend and it will be mailed to you instead. You can find more information on their charity support page. Las Pegasus Unicon is on February 22-24 at the Riviera in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go past the break for the full press release. 

  Las Pegasus Unicon is committed to helping as many worthwhile causes as we can. We want to help show the world that the Brony Community is all about caring and helping.

  We have created a new page on our website with all of the information for the charities we are working to support for our upcoming convention this February. We sincerely hope that the Brony community will help get behind these wonderful charities.

  Currently we are running a special event to raise money for College View School. This the charity of choice for MLP:FiM writer, Amy Keating Rogers. To raise money for the school her son, Soren attends we have created a “special” swag shirt for Unicon. This is NOT the regular swag shirt that will be available at the convention this is a limited edition run.

  There will be only 250 available. It is pre ordered only before Christmas….
And they will be SIGNED BY AMY KEATING ROGERS…at the convention.
If you are not able to attend Unicon, but would like a shirt, we are happy to mail one out after the convention, just order yours today and let us know you will unfortunately not be able to attend.

30% of the sales will go directly to College View School.

Let’s show our support for Ms. Rogers, her son Soren, and of course College View School…

PLEASE NOTE: We now have a Forum for anyone interested in chatting about the convention… please join today! 

Thank you TRS for the heads up!