Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comics: Princess Flyer/ Toilet of Destiny/ Reforming sequel Chrysalis/ Twilight's Ascension: Glue/ PONIES!!! - 30

Glorious comics for you.

Find links to colored coherent comical drawings after the break.

Princess Flyer by *PixelKitties

No proper description, sorry. I haven't stopped laughing yet.
Toilet of Destiny by ~Pony-Berserker

Aww, Sweetie Belle finally got her cutie mark...
Reforming sequel Chrysalis by ~HowXu

Sequel to this.
Fluttershy doesn't want Chrysalis to hunger and feeds her some love.
Twilight's Ascension: Glue by ~HatBulbProductions

Part 1 of a series.
That's Equestrian glue by the way. Made of magic instead of inhabitants.
PONIES!!! - 30 by ~Turag

I actually forgot what this series is about in the first place.
Nice to be reminded.