Thursday, February 14, 2013

Comics: Terrible Disadvantage/ Huge Gift/ The Best Possible Thing/ Twilight's First Day #5/ Equestria Inquirer 70

Aw geeze... *blush*
...But in reality that adds up to a whopping zero books. NO ONE EVER WRITES BOOKS ABOUT ME! (fanfics don't count)

Without further adieu, go see the comics after the break. 

Terrible Disadvantages

by ~Thunderhawk03 

Should I cover my eyes? O///O

Huge gift!by ~CIRILIKO
I declare this a valid ship.

The Best Possible Thing

by *Dori-to

I was like this just now... Tearing apart my kitchen just to find some measly Pop-tarts.

Twilight's First Day #5

by ~muffinshire 


...What was I spelling again?

Equestria Inquirer 70

by ~JoeStevensInc 

I had a severe case of TL;DR and "ain't nobody got time fo dat."