Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music: An Overabundance/ Sisterly Love/ Trusting You/ Not Letting Go Vocal...Cover/

Well... Megaphoric would like to attend BronyCon 2013, too. In case you have some dollars or other valid currency left, consider this. Just like Feather did, there's stuff to gain in the form of perks to unlock. Oh, and ViFFeX would like to go there as well... Though he should be more concerned about other things right now.

Now for the music. Cover & Collab edition.
In the first slot, we have an Electronic Instrumental piece from Neighsayer & RainSnowHail.
Then another collaboration. ViFFeX feat. TheDashDub with a Lullasynth song.
Third one is Faux's cover of Megaphoric's and Joaftheloaf's "Trusting You".
Fourth slot is taken by GatoPaint's cover of Prince Whateverer's "Not Letting Go".