Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comics: Signed, Sealed Delivered/ Sweet dreams./ Xiaolin Beatdown/ ATG Week #3: Belated Chaos


She looks even  more peaceful when she sleeps... 
Umm... Right. More comics for you to feast on. Get 'em while they're new.

After the break

Signed, Sealed Delivered by *Toxic-Mario

This expression is totally worth it on its own...
Just wait till you see what caused it.
Sweet dreams. by *Coltsteelstallion

Those sneaky little pranksters... What are they up to this time?
It won't end well either way.
Xiaolin Beatdown by ~OmegaSunBurst

Huzzah! More references I don't understand!

ATG Week #3: Belated Chaos by ~DocCobb

Aww, c'mere Fluttershy...
And you too, Doc. Funny and well-drawn comic.