Monday, February 11, 2013

Comics: Weather Princess/ Twilight's Ascension: Flight/ Pony Rants: Princess Celestia/ Musical Dilemma/ Scoot-A-Loo

New Yoker cartoon by ~KTurtle

Weather Princess by ~TheWormOuroboros

Luna reacts to song lyrics, huh?
I hope no one sings Slayer's "Raining Blood".
Twilight's Ascension: Flight by ~HatBulbProductions

It would work for SweetieBot, FlutterBot and the other automatons...
Or for everyone else if they were in the Matrix.
Pony Rants: Princess Celestia by ~Mad-Mutt

About time.
But I still prefer Luna...
Musical Dilemma by =Veggie55

Aww, poor ol' Discord. At least he's still free to make puns.
The highest grade of evil deed he's allowed.
Scoot-A-Loo by ~Pony-Berserker

This time it's Scootaloo who discovers her real talent.
And it's a crappy one.

*cricket noises and gunshots*