Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, Everypony!

(Click for the music!)

Ah... Remember when this was suppose to be the last New Year's celebration before the world ended?

Now, we have THIS!

Mike: lolwut?
Yeah... I know... Bad joke is bad... (and was translated bad...)

Anyway, Twilight... Can we get some fireworks up in this!!!

Pops: Good show! Jolly good show!

The year of the muffin?
Okay... You know what? Let's just get the group picture out of the way,  first?

I hope you have your New Year's resolutions all ready to tackle. Speaking of which, what is your New Year's resolution? And, if you don't have one or need another one, then here's a New Year's resolution for you... Just "watch the birdie"...
Your new New Year's resolution!!

FPLOON: I did not plan that...
Joseph Houser: But, I did...