Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fiesta Equestria Press Release

The chairman of Fiesta Equestria recently sent us an in-depth update about the convention! Check it out, as well as a brief comic they prepared for the occasion, after the break!

Howdy Folks!

Fiesta Equestria! 2013 is proud to announce that Kelly Metsgerthe voice of Spitfire, Maryke Hendrikse, the voice of Gilda, and Sam Vincent, the voice of Flim are now confirmed for Houston this June.  
You can find out more about their voice credits on our growing guest page.

SaberSpark, PaleoSteno, and ChaoticBrony are coming to FE!
SaberSpark and PaleoSteno are Youtube personalities you may recognize from their many review and parody videos, or their Everfree Network show Brony Breakdown.
ChaoticBrony is known around the fandom for his amazing show inspired jewelry. He created both the replica King Sombra crown and theelement of magic tiara that the King and Queen of Fiesta Equestria! will receive.

New music event: Vinyl Scratch’s Dance Floor
Are you a skilled DJ or musician that needs a chance to break out? Maybe a dancer who is ready to impress the crowd? Well here’s your shot. Located in the Grand Pavillion Foyer and operating all throughout the weekend, our dance floor will be ready and waiting for those who think two concerts are too few. Musicians should mention that they want a set for Vinyl’s Dance Floor when they apply, while everyone else can check out who will be performing on the upcoming dance floor event page. The number of available sets is limited, so don’t be taaaarrrrrddddyyyyy andapply today.

Dealer’s room registration is live and kickin’!
The first round of approved vendors and artists can be found on our dealer’s room page, which will be updated as more folks register and are approved. Don’t let your favorite spot get taken! Register today.

Coming soon
Information on our cosplay and PMV contests, a Kickstarter with some great rewards, and show style promo videos that will rock your world. Everything is bigger (and only getting better) in Texas!  

Igneous and the Fiesta Equestria! Staff Team