Saturday, February 2, 2013

Music: Down with the ponies feat Cyril the Wolf/ Fluttershy's Wonders [Klawz DnB Remix]/ H.A.P.P.Y/ Applejack's Stage Piano Cover/ Where Rich Ponies Go (RonsRogue Remix)

Waoh - it's so insane
To synthesize another strain
There's something in these
Futures that we have to be told

I got some more music for ya! You know you want to listen to them... So, let me tell you what's in store this time...

We got a ponified Disturbed collab cover between Dustykatt and Cyril the Wolf (It's the radio edit version...), a remix of "So Many Wonders" sent to us by Cylvr Klawz (Thanks, dude!), some house from Uglynator, a piano cover of "Applejack's Stage Theme" from Pikachu25sci90vt, and a remix of this song by RonsRogue...

1. MLP:FIM Down with the ponies feat Cyril the Wolf
2. Fluttershy's Wonders [Klawz DnB Remix](NEW!)
3. Uglynator - H.A.P.P.Y
4. Applejack's Stage Piano Cover
5. Sim Gretina - Where Rich Ponies Go (RonsRogue Remix)

(2, 3, and 5 got me in the groove, for sure!)