Saturday, February 2, 2013

Comics: Half-Baked Escape/ Rock Candy/ Manehattanite Friends/ Kindergarten days 25/ The Villains play CoD: Black Ops 2!/ Element of Loyalty 5

Yay for comics in the morning.
Twilight here got her coffee ready. I hope you got something as well.

If not, get some free laughs and feels here. I especially support the feels.

Half-Baked Escape by ~Zztfox

Pixel Derpy is just brainstorming.
Rock Candy by *NaterRang

"Son, I am disappoint."

That's by far not the best face in this comic, trust me...
Manehattanite Friends by *wildtiel

Apple Bloom disapproves your friends.
Kindergarten days 25 by ~CIRILIKO

It makes absolutely no sense without knowing the previous parts...
Then again, it's still random even so.
But cute.
The Villains play CoD: Black Ops 2! by ~RedApropos

Sort of a sequel to this. But it works just fine as a standalone.

Have fun reading Discord's lines in DeLancie's voice.
Element of Loyalty 5 by ~juanrock

Ready for them feels?

Part 5/5 [Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4]

For more feels:
Element of Generosity
Element of Honesty