Saturday, February 2, 2013

Music: In Memoriam (Of the Crystal Ponies)/ When Home Calls/ Illuminated Skies/ Party Hard ft. Psychotic Pony/ Leave This World Behind/ I've Probably Got Issues

I used to put my faith in worship
But then my chance to get to heaven slipped
I used to worry about the future
But then I threw my caution to the wind~

Yes... Young Twilight is dancing to the music after the break (or this, I guess) and you probably will, too...

But first, we got some crystal orchestral piece from Carbon Maestro, some pop-punk from Restrained Madness, a "bizarre little ambient-ish track" from collab group Mango Smoothie, some hard style from ViFFeX and Psychotic Pony collabing, some soft rock from Jeff Burgess, and finally some wubbing electro from Colortwelve...

1. In Memoriam (Of the Crystal Ponies) - Pony Empires Complete
2. When Home Calls - Pop-punk Cover by Restrained Madness
3. Mango Smoothie - Illuminated Skies
4. ViFFeX - Party Hard ft. Psychotic Pony
5. Leave This World Behind - Jeff Burgess
6. Colortwelve - I've Probably Got Issues

(Something tells me 3, 4, and 6 are the most dance-worthy for this header... But, then again any music makes me dance... even 1...)