Friday, January 25, 2013

Comics: Ka-Blewie Mark Crusaders!/ Reform Chrysalis/ Bring on the Rain/ Was it something I said??

Some late evening comics for you. And partially very hilarious ones. If I decided to laugh, I'd still do it.
Find comics after the break. You won't regret it.

Ka-Blewie Mark Crusaders! by ~MontyRohde

AJ's right...
Also, I like the title.
Reform Chrysalis by *Guardian-Core

Look at Cadance. I think you're likely to agree that this artist is a master of facial expressions.
This version of the comic is even more hilarious than the original one...
Bring on the Rain by ~HareTrinity

Pinkamena is busy glaring at the floor.
But remember, the floor is always there to catch you when you fall.
Yeah... Cavemen liked that joke...

Also, Caution: Shipping
Was it something I said?? by *IchibanGravity

According to its description, it's related to Rainbow Dash Presents.
Never saw an episode of that.
But the second panel is funny.