Friday, February 1, 2013

Morning Mega Music Post

A bunch of songs from our musical fellows. Here's a neat list in ascending alphabetical order.

GatoPaint -- Not Letting Go (Singing) -- Vocal Cover of PrinceWhateverer's original song
Mush -- Contradiction -- Synthpop
PercipientFish -- Twilight -- Acoustic Piano
PercipientFish -- Celestia -- Acoustic Piano
Radiarc -- The Edge -- Orchestral
SilverPoyozo -- The Dreamwalker -- Ambient Jazz
Sim Gretina -- Small Wings (Mush Remix) -- Synthpop
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go (Error404 Remix) -- Progressive House
Sonic Breakbeat -- Exile -- House
WahPony -- When Home Calls (Rock Cover) -- Instrumental Cover of Joaftheloaf's original song

Embeds located after the break.