Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spike at Your Service Episode Follow Up

It's that time again. Past the break, you will find plenty of screen caps and things you may have not noticed. If you haven't seen the episode, stay clear of this post. Enjoy!

Something I want to point out. Celestia is making Twilight read 12 books in one weekend. In the Wonderbolt episode, Celestia had Twi practicing a bunch of spells. Something epic is about to happen.

You can tell Twi is enjoying that book. Also, she needs to invest in a book/reading stand. 

Spike celebrating his own episode.

I guess before Spike showed up, AJ had Fluttershy doing her work.

You would think after how long Spike lived in a town full of ponies, he would watch where he stepped.

I don't care what you say, that pony hijacked Twilight Sparkle's balloon. It even has her cutiemark on it.

Yeah, we already know how Spike is going to perform in this episode.

Why is Granny Smith always in the way of oncoming traffic? Why is she eating an apple that has been on the ground for who knows how long in the middle of the road? Someone needs to put her in the old ponies home.

I don't know what to say about this, but it is epic.

Damn cheeto dust on my fingers.

Wow, I didn't know how big Timberwolves where. Also, Zoids.

Front impact detected. Hull at 88%

#$&$, that was my last rock.

One sec!

I know I have another!

Found one!

What is going on with AJ's tail?

Front impact detected. Hull at 55%

This is terrifying. Does AJ have two sets of teeth!?

Front impact detected. Hull at 0%

Critical Failure!

If he was holding up a sign that said "Help!", he would be Wile E. Coyote.

Even Spike is confused how AJ is tying a hot air balloon to her tail.

Got some Iron Giant stuff up in here.

I'm so mad that you stole the hot air balloon I stole.

 Spike is still partying hard.

You can't tell me that's not Diamond Tiara's mom.

Applebloom, you missed Christmas.

We totally didn't give this pig growth hormones.

Cute face.

How it feels to be hugged by a hobbit.

You dirty swine.

Who puts eggs on a shelve like that? Not even a pony could get that.

Who needs pockets?

Cut the crap, Spike. You made this up like 10 minutes ago. That thing is in crayon and your life has been saved countless of times before. Dragons are notorious for being nasty, like breaking Phoenix eggs. 

Kitchen is not pleased with how clean it is.

@#$%, it's still hot!!!

Why is there always burned food at Rarity's house?

Oh come on, you eat Sweetie Belle's cooking all the time.

The face of a satisfied customer.

Rarity confirmed for endorsing slavery. I'm surprised she isn't already satisfied with Sweetie Belle as a slave.

"Help you with you unfinished novel" AJ thought that was a secret.

RD confirmed for FanFic writer.

And a crazy one at that.

I give it 3 days until someone impersonates RD and submits a fic in her name.

I wonder if RD has an OC in her fic?

G1 Red and Black alicorn Spitefire?

"However did you come up with that ingeniously woven, intricate plotline?"
 Official reaction to every bad fanfic.

What is going on with Rarity's hair!?

This scene cracked me up.

Tom: Hello ladies. Guess who's back?

That is not her back, Spike. Also, scratch and sniff cutiemarks.

The dragon is the finest creature ever! There's more to them than guarding treasure.
best song of season 3.

AJ becoming an orange.

AJ used gust! It's supper effective!

OCD level: 100

What is going on with RD's mouth!?

Pinkie Pie: the definition of overkill.

Fluttershy: you look like ants from up here.

Rarity is best actress.

And RD let out a mighty roar.

Seems legit...

This looks shopped.

Silent but deadly.

 With a hint of pine.

So many things could be said. Zoids forming together. This isn't even my final form. I see a crown, so I guess he is the king Timber Wolf.

How is her foot even stuck?

Don't worry, AJ. Spike has a rock, the natural enemy of a Timber Wolf.

Hold on a sec, I have something in my throat.

Seriously, rocks are the kryptonite of Timber Wolves.

Such an epic fist/hoof bump.

Really Twi? You are going to read in the dark?

 Spike has a thing for legs.

Nothing really to note in this episode, except for a bunch of animation errors. Looking at Spike's performance, I say he is the new Derpy. Given Spike's awesome parkour and aim with throwing rocks, I would have named this episode "Dragons Creed". The plot also seemed to be the I owe you my life plot exactly.

1. Character A saves the life of character B. 2. While character A does not expect any huge return, character B insists that their strict moral code dictates that they return the favor by becoming A's servant and fulfill their every wish. 3. Character B's well intended but incompetent "help" soon becomes bothersome for character A, but they are unable to make it stop. 4. Character A and friends decide to stage a scene where B will be able to (seemingly) save A's life, thus returning the debt. 5. For arbitrary reasons the faux danger becomes truly life threatening, and B is able to save A's life for real.

Anyway, comment on anything we missed, or just give us your thoughts on the episode.

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