Saturday, December 29, 2012

Comics: 12 Books / Pike and Airity / Sweet Apple Fritters / Moostasche

Evil Twilight approacheth. But before one goes evil, they must go insane twice. And when the clock strikes twelve the world will turn to ashes... and comics will begin appearing below the break.

1. 12 books by *CSImadmax

Oh, Celestia, so mean. The exact opposite of her actual personality, but that's pretty standard in this fandom, now is it.

2. Pike and Airity by *Karzahnii

Did anyone else think typo at first? Maybe I'm just slow.
3. Sweet Apple Fritters by *MrBastoff

For the record, I've never once heard anyone say "HNNNNNG" or "D'AWWWWW" in real life. I don't know where those words come from.
4. Mootasche by *LilMissWaffles

Pinkie Pie better hold onto her moustache before it starts swimming away. Assuming it was spawned by a giant pencil, of course.