Saturday, December 29, 2012

Discussion: Ponified Media

Today we have a simple little activity for folks to partake in: think of a some form of media, be it a book, TV show, song or movie, and switch out the characters, lyrics, themes, etc, with those of MLP:FiM. Some good examples after the break. Be sure to join us in the comments!

Spongebob intro: (which must be sung by Yaplap for the lulz, one day)

"Who lives in a library inside a tree? 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
All magic and purple and nerdy is she! 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
If there's ursa minors chasing you down! 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
Then books will scare 'em the heck out of town! 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
Twi-light Spar-kle 
Twi-light Spar-kle 


Spirited Away with ponies:

Twilight = Chihiro/Sen 
Twilight's parents = Chihiro's parents 
No-Face = Spike (b/c of Spike want!) 
Haku = Shining Armor 
Kamaji = Granny Smith 
Radish Spirit = Tom (because why the heck not; Radish Spirit is already ridiculous anyways) 
Yubaba = Nightmare Moon 
Zeniba = Celestia 
Stink Spirit = "Hugh Jelly" 
Lin = Applejack 
the paper shikigamis = hundreds of Navis/Pinkie Pies for some random reason