Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nightly Megathread #91

MLP Portrait Series - Spike by *sophiecabra

Shine bright like a diamond... we still need to post that PMV. Now who wants to stay up all night and practice flash with me? No one? k.

...but speaking of flash, a while back I was able to get a Daring Do walking. Unfortunately, it was on the PC which coincidentally died not long after. Eh, maybe one day I'll be able to re-create it.



When I was first learning the ins and outs of the fandom I was frankly surprised to hear that people actually collected the toys, from the brushables to the blind bag figures. I thought it was simply about the show, but I guess not. After getting settled in I now have five McDonalds toys, two brushables, three tiny little figures and Vinyl Derpy from Hot Topic.

So, what are your guys' thoughts on official pony merch? Is it not really your thing to collect the admittedly girly toys or are you just a f'ing pig and collect them all? Let us know!