Sunday, February 10, 2013

Comics: Where is Derpy?/ MLP Season 3 Episode 10/ Let the Games Begin/ Fluttershy: Chop Suey/ PONIES!!! - 31/ FiM: TNtMD

Some fine new comics today.
Also, there's an ongoing series that we apparently haven't shown yet. Thanks to Ricardo for sending it in.

Where is Derpy? by ~Agrol

"These [ponies], they're like ghosts... always hiding behind lies and proxies."
MLP Season 3 Episode 10 by ~RedApropos

A sketchy comic about the presumably general reaction of us all during the turning point at the end. It's cute.
Let the Games Begin by *CSImadmax

Hmm... I actually liked the failed hairstyle. Just like PorcuTwi.
Fluttershy: Chop Suey by ~Lazy-Joe

If you know the song, you might be already chuckling.
Why hasn't this been done earlier?
PONIES!!! - 31 by ~Turag

Next part. And I have no idea what the transition from the previous one was. But I still like their faces.

And here's an imagelink to the first page of the pretty extensive comic. There are 52 pages, so far.
It has OCs, griffons, ponies, magic... Yeah. A nice comic and worth reading from what I remember.
Also: Index Journal