Thursday, November 1, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #13

I hope you all enjoyed Halloween! Looks like Rarity and Pinkie Pie did!.

Magic *snort snort*
What an odd storytelling tool: it twists the narratives of fantasy stories odd ways, and allows rationalization despite abstraction. But what if you had to bring the abstract back to the concrete? How would you scientifically explain all the crazy stuff that happens in FIM? For that matter, how would you apply sic-fi logic to FIM? Is FIM's time-travel Back-the-future style, or Star Trek style?
Pinkie sense? - a reversal of causality
Nightmare moon? - Luna controlled by Vashta Nerada
Spike's rapid growth during Secret of my Excess - obviously he's like one of those plastic thingies that grows when you put it in water