Sunday, January 20, 2013

Music: Majesty Within/ The Allure of Chaos/ Heavy Heart/ Lost City/ DO THE PONY

Come on and just
take a sec to realize time and space
and find a space to just relax yourself
Ain't no worries here dog
as far as I can tell we dwell with subterranean thought propel

A magestic Rarity piece from CommandSpry, a "chaotic, weird song" for Discord from Crystal Slave, a "mix of orchestral and synthy stuff with [Jastrian's] usual ambient vibe" from Jastrian, a dark soothing song from Legendary, and a 80's vocal dance song from F3nning...

1. Majesty Within - CommandSpry
2. Crystal Slave - The Allure of Chaos
3. Jastrian - Heavy Heart
4. Legends Box - Lost City
5. F3nning - DO THE PONY