Sunday, January 20, 2013

Comics: Fluttershy'd Immortal Coil / Big Bad Sombra / PONIES!!! - 28 / The Wrong Spell / Twixie Genies

Here's yet more nice comics from folks on deviantArt after the break. Enjoy!

Twixie Genies
I honestly am not sure what to say.
 The Wrong Spell
Spell screw-ups: most tired plot device in fan fiction... But I haven't seen it as much in comics yet
 PONIES!!! - 28
reminiscent of Harry Potter Puppet Palls
Big Bad Sombra
I think Sombra is a pretty cool guy: eh blows up and doesn't afraid of anything.
Fluttershy's Immortal Coil
Pretty sure it's a spongebob reference.