Sunday, January 20, 2013

Music Megapost: Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (Feat. Feather)/ Of Greater Horizons/ Hooves Up High (Motivfs Remix)/ Art of the Dress Remix アレンジ/ A Rock (Rarity Dedication)/ Changeling Anthem/ Discord (Euro Touhou Mix)

I wonder how she doesn't run into everything with those glasses on...

In case the first music post earlier today didn't bore you, here's another one.
We got an enhanced version of ElectroKaplosion's Pony Waifu cover, now featuring Feather.
In the second slot there's a new Instrumental piece from Kyoga. Yesss...
Afterwards, we continue with yet another remix of Silva Hound's Hooves Up High. It's Drum'n'Bass. And surprise! You migth know the remixer under another name. It's Bull Smit.
The forth song is an interesting remix of Art of the Dress. Obviously done by one of our Japanese comrades, oodora.
In the fifth place, some Dubstep by VINXIS (who seems to adore caps lock) dedicated to Rarity... And Tom. It portrays their love-hate relationship with Wubs.
Then there's CarbonMaestro's Industrial Orchestral finale for his Pony Empires album. Great piece.
And lastly, something for Kyo. Delta Brony's crossover of Super Ponybeat's Discord with Touhou. That's what it says.

The Japanese characters there mean "Arrangement", btw. Thanks to Google Translate for that.