Monday, October 22, 2012

New “Friendship is Magic” soundtrack petition up on

The people down at DerpyHoovesNews have gathered new info on a petition for a MLP FIM soundtrack. Go here to sign the petition. Go past the break to learn more.

Copy paste from DerpyHoovesNews:

A new Friendship is Magic soundtrack petition has popped up on! Click below the break for more info.
Some of you may be familiar with Senn555; in April 2011, he created a petition calling for the release of a soundtrack. Unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere despite having over 6,200 signatures as Hasbro never acknowledged the existence of the petition.
Senn is now back with a new petition on, and it is connected to two private Hasbro contacts. One of them is Matt Proulx, Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Hasbro Studios. Every signature the petition receives generates an automatic e-mail sent to these contacts. Hopefully we can see a proper soundtrack release happening soon, or at least acknowledgement from Hasbro and/or The Hub that one is being worked on.
At a recent New York Comic Con panel, a fan asked about a forthcoming soundtrack release, to which Mike Vogel (Vice President of Development for Hasbro Studios) responded: “I think that sounds like a really good idea.” However, Hasbro executives were present at the panel and there were similar answers given to other sensitive fan questions (“mmmaybe”; “sounds good!”; “we don’t know”), so this does not provide 100% confirmation.
In a post Senn555 made on MLP Forums, he summarizes some key info from Daniel Ingram regarding a soundtrack: “If a soundtrack CD ever does come out professionally (one that does not slap all of the TV mixes of the songs together as a means of a quick cash-in), not only will a number of songs be heard in full as they were written and intended to be heard by Daniel, but their overall sound will be greatly improved and heard like never before.” This is because “two different mixes of all of his songs take place in post production – one mix in 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD ever materializes.” Daniel has also said that a lot of material ends up being cut for the final TV versions and he does not know anything about Hasbro releasing a soundtrack album for MLP:FiM.
Go here and sign the petition!

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