Monday, October 22, 2012

Nightly Megathread #22

Equestria... A place that us bronies look at and wonder, "Why can't our world be that?" It is a world ran on trust in one another and the spirits of harmony, rather than greed and selfishness... We all yearn to live such a place... A utopia...

Do you Believe in Magic/Madness by FantasyBlade
...But what if our wish is granted? What if we did find a way to Equestria? We are still the same people as we were before. We'd taint that perfect world the moment we, and our corruption, step inside of it. There will always be that one individual that will take advantage of such flawlessness...

Tell me this. Would you go to Equestria and meet all of the ponies we know and love, but unleash the terrors of our reality to them? Or would you just admire them from afar, watching their perfect world just as we have been? Is there any other alternative?

(Onto a more lighthearted subject...)
Random Video: Top 15 fails in foreign versions of MLP:FIM
(Volume 4)