Monday, October 22, 2012

Music: Rainbow dash/ Good Girl (Tombstone and Dasha) Cover/ MegaRainbowOverDrive/ 1000 years/ Echoes of Nightmare Night/ 20 Percent Cooler/ A Bond Unbroken

I'd be Lord of the Rings I manifest
Represent from the den I don't wear no vest
I got a heart in my chest that goes "Bu-bomp-ba-bomp"
I sway half-way the day's hump gets over~

More music to sink your teeth ears into... Due to the spoiler in #4, you can find it by clicking on the title of the song below... The rest you can find after the break, G!

1. Rainbow dash remix song
2. Good Girl (Tombstone and Dasha) Cover
3. MegaRainbowOverDrive-Kenneth
4. 1000 years - Constep (SPOILERS!)
5. Radix-Echoes of Nightmare Night[Halloween Album Free Track]
6. Rainbow Dash - 20 Percent Cooler
7. A Bond Unbroken (Djent)