Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nightly Megathread #63

Twilight vs Trixie by ~Godoffury

You guys ready for a magic duel? We may have gotten some crafty thinking from Twilight, but who is the true magician? You decide! Find out how you can change the outcome of this battle below...

Magic Duel - The Rules

How the heck is this gonna work you might ask? It's rather simple, at least for you guys. I'll present the contenders' strategies for the round and the applicable image. All you guys have to do is vote for the winner for the round! If you click on a name and see an image, your vote has been counted. Best two out of three is the ultimate magician. All credit to artists will be found at the bottom of the Nightly. Round one after a video!

Magic Duel - Round 1

First up: style! Who has the best outfit and most fitting for a magician? Twilight sports her Solid Sparkle attire while Trixie is going with her new and improved hood and cape. Who looks the most badass out of the two? Pick your winner!

Twilight                   Trixie

Before we move on to the next round, have some more silliness in video form.

Magic Duel - Round 2

Next up: raw magical ability. Twilight is only a student and is still awaiting the day she gets to take a peak at Luna's mysterious tome. So powerful  yet so young, and maybe some of the magic is still not under her control. Meanwhile, Trixie seems to have gotten some upgrades for her abilities since their last encounter and is ready to take a stand. Who wins this matc-up? Vote now!

Twilight                   Trixie

And before we get to the finale, have some last minute inanity. 

How the scene originally went by ~HasbroInc

Magic Duel - Final Round

And finally: secret hidden ability. Twilight can unleash her insane side and terrify the crap out of everybody while Trixie can trip like a boss. 

Twilight                   Trixie

And that's it folks! Stayed tuned for the results in a future Nightly Megathread. 

Discussion: Which of the mane six besides Pinkie Pie would have the best chance at making it as a comedian.

And with that... goodnight. I got Ratchet and Clank to play.

Round One

Round Two

Final Round