Saturday, December 1, 2012

Episode 5 follow up

It is time for another episode follow up! Past the break you will find screen caps and notes of stuff you made of missed. Please feel free to post your own screen caps and notes in the comment section for anything you noticed.

Manehattan? Oh YEAH!

Is that Dexter's first invention?

To brag, or not to brag? That is the question.

He reminds me of the shopkeeper from Gremlins.

Looks like bits sure do talk.

Fluttershy needs to calm down.

I would be embarrassed too if I almost killed my friends with a giant snowball. 

They're just here for the free food.

Of course the raccoon is out of sync.

Hoof nails? Or ponies are made out of cheese.

That raccoon is WAY too happy.


It's okay Twi. Magic is hard. Let the TwixDash fics begin.

I still don't see a problem with this dress. Maybe because she doesn't have a giant hat to go with it.

I request the highest of fives.

Two heads are better than one. What would happen if they both used magic?

lol, Dragon Ball.

This is why you don't give ponies crayons. Carrot Top, Y U SO MEAN!?




Owlicious: It's noon, I am an owl, and my freakin house just got trashed. I'm pissed!

That was some party last night.

Directed by Michael Bay.

Who wants pie?

Look who's back!

And just as she brings them into this world, she kills them. Where was this spell in the papasprite invasion!?

Snow pony knows it will eventually melt.

Unicorn magic: The leading cause of global warming.


I mustache you a question, but I'll shave it for later.

The funny thing is, they both need diapers.

And you thought the snail was slow before.

Best evil laugh of Season 3.

Was there ever any doubt?

You..are going...TO FEAR ME!!

The gloves are off on this one.

Anti-Twilight shield activated.

Why is magic so hard!?

Dammit Twi! 

Good thing I have voodoo..

I mean magic powers too.

Are you serious?

Getting real sick of this Twi.

Looks like Pumpkin cake is living the good life.

Cherry filled marshmallow.

Yoda, the force, episode 5!?

Aw, good ol season 1 shy Fluttershy.

I don't know which face is funnier.

This is my book! And I'm going to read it! Um, if that's ok with you.

Fluttershy has the best faces in this episode.

Wheels must of done something pretty terrible.

Trixie always drives in style.

Who was that even going to fool?

And here we see the rare Fluttershy attacking prey that has ventured too close to her burrow. 

Resistance is futile.

Twi has the best background effects.

Epic face

I wonder if this is a pun or reference.

So cute!

The element of generosity!

Double Rainbow. It had to be said.

It was either this or watch soap operas at home with Bon Bon.

Oh come on, it isn't that bad.

Epic face once again.

I know this was all just a hoax, but I am sure the fics are going to go ape on this.

What would happen if a pegasus put on the necklace?


All I can say is lol.

Even Applebloom knows how awesome Sweetie Belle looks.

Gender bending is an art, let us paint.

Even Granny Smith knows it is just a crappy recolor of the same model.

I can't be the only one who thought the crowd was going to beat up Trixie, right?

Two possible Derpys on both sides in the crowd.

I hope to see camels in the future.

So adorable

Dat magic

Magic is a hell of a drug.


Is dis pony serious?

That trip was the best part,

You just know Pinkie was going to say, "That's all folks!" Kinda reminds me of a certain comic.

Some things to note:

Alicorn is now canon.

6:02 Wilhelm Scream.

20:31 Two possible Derpys, on both sides in the crowd.

Possible levels of unicorns.

Well there you have it. I really liked the episode. The ending was OK. I was kinda hoping for evil Trixie ending, but whatever. Make sure to comment on your own view of the episode and anything you noticed. 

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