Saturday, December 1, 2012

Comics: Stained Glass Windows / Equestrian Globetrotter / Item Buff / Incognito / Magic Duel / Easy Money

Great and Powerful Lightning by ~ThunderElemental

Twilight's magic should exclusively exist to pump out oranges, if only to spite Applejack. She should start her own business and colab with the Flimsy Brothers. Speaking of Trixie (this segway is actually legitimate), have some comics! Spoilers for episode 5 pretty much throughout the entire post, Egghead!!

1. Stained Glass Windows by ~041744

Stain glass ALL the cartoony moments! I would personally put up Fluttershy's infamous gala scream.
2. Equestrian Globetrotter by *Karzahnii

That Spike ball sounds like it could be the next big Equestrian sport, with caged mayor mare the referee.
3. Item Buff by ~ClosetBrony2

Trixie has been level grinding on the Pie's rock farm... or I guess rock grinding... both.
4. Incognito by ~ClosetBrony2

OC? Gah, I'll let it slide, if only because that finally sentence is awesome. Also, only comic without Twilight and Trixie. I'm guessing this episode will spawn a lot of content.
5. [spoiler] Magic Duel by *secret-pony

It comes back in one thousand years. Why? Because the writers are forced to make everything happen on the millenium.
6. Easy Money by ~Agrol

The Pies are much more generous than I thought. Could these actually be Rarity's parents?

7. The Great and Powerful delivery by =Niban-Destikim

I would make a comment about how Swat is happy about this, but I won -- well, I guess I just did.