Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comic Post #7: Connecting with Nature / The First Time / Even Silly Bad Guys Need Fans

Thank you for the two years of pony! Here's to many more!
Thank You For Two Years! by iBringThaZelc

Has it really been two years? Well, 9 months for me. Hopefully the pony phenomenon will transcends all timelines of human existence for all eternity!... or something like that. Below, we've got some comics. One of them includes a production staff member, how fitting!

1. Connecting with Nature by theflashguy

Looks like Wildfire is improving her sociability. A bit. As a side note, Sibsy stopped by in the comments!
2. The First Time by LoCeri

Cadence, your special talent is spreading love. How could you?!?! I'm still can't stop laughing though...
3. Even Silly Bad Guys Need Fans by Blayaden

Derpy can make anyone's day better. Proved fact is (un)proven.