Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trig Rant Discussion - Some New Ideas

Saddle up. We've got a long road ahead.
Daring Do military uniform by DolphinFox

It seems some of you have lost faith in my loyalty to Daring Do over the best pony poll. Is writing a rant about her and having her as my avatar not enough? Oh well, if this header plus my next Nightly Megathreads doesn't prove my allegiance to best pony, I'm not sure what will. 

Anyway, I want to talk about my rants and some features we, as a community, could add to them and make them more enjoyable. Yes, I need YOUR help! More on everything after the break. 

First off, I'd like to say I haven't run out of ideas for these articles. In fact, I've got plenty in the que. However, I think it'll be more enjoyable if I reach out to the community and see what they would like to hear me talk about! I will probably take suggestions in the comment section of a rant of my choosing; it won't be for every single one. Expect them to be every three or every four entries I'll ask what you guys want to hear. That's all I have to say about that, except try and keep your ideas general. I don't want to cover to many bases at once and be all idea'd out in three months.

Next up, an idea suggested by AK_Brony in my previous entry, Trig Rant #3. A sort of rebuttal post that readers like you can send in when you have something to say, and more specifically disagree with, about my rants. For instance, today, AK_Brony sent in a counter argument/criticism of my Fancy Pants Rant. Here it is below:

Frozen Hell #1: The Devils Advocate Against Trig’s Rants

Oh Fancy Pants, you dapper fellow. Your class, style, and smooth British accent lulls people into a sort of trance. It is no question why people like him. Yet, is he as good as people seem to think? Let us remember who he is: a business man - erm, pony.
He is called by Rarity “The most important pony in Canterlot,” and it shows. Fleur-de-lis fawning over him as he stands there with all his class is neigh onto the definition of Canterlot high class. He has bits to burn, and more then enough influence to get him anything he wants. Technically we have no idea what his career IS, but based off his reactions to Rarity and her fashion designs, he is likely an owner of a fashion line or a popular clothing store in Canterlot. He got all this money either from his family or he made it himself from his business. Somehow, some way, he rose to the top of the Canterlot elite, his importance second only to the royals (including...Blueblood...) and his wealth second only to them too.
Our introduction to him is right after Rarity bumped into him, carrying lots of fabric, and he seems kind enough at first. Then he see’s one of her designs, and her hat, and she tells him that she is staying at the castle. Now he is really interested. If he is in the fashion industry, he would be very interested in a potential competitor who looks to you as an idol, because he has one of three choices. 1. leave her be, and jeopardize his business. 2. crush her business while it is weak, so she is not a threat, but her designs are lost, and cannot be used. 3. become partners. If she has got the attention of the Princess, even you are impressed by her designs, and you recall hearing about her in Hoity Toity’s magazine some time ago, you would want her on your side.
So he offers Rarity a seat to the Wonderbolts show (Rainbow Dash would not be jealous at all...)  and so she starts up the chain. This here is the bait. He wants her as a business partner, as an asset, rather than an enemy. So he will do anything to get her on his side. That and she is very, very pretty, so that was a plus.
Then Rarity has her friends over. Well, they are a ... interesting group of ponies. Crazy wacky, one is trying to weed the lawn, and oh sweat Moses, that girl cannot dance. Oh, but that simple little dress is nice. I should ask who made it. She surly was not the one. Wait, it was Rarity? They are her friends? How strange, and yet I need her. She is a huge asset. So he could have lied. Lied to keep Rarity on his side. Because she is brilliant, she has the attention of the Princess. And she is very, very pretty.
Now, do I believe this? No, not in a million years. Fancy Pants is one of my favorite characters, I had to STRETCH to get this anti-rant out. Good lord my debate skills were tested here. Well, actually they were tested in the last one, but whatever. No, I like him because he is a gentleman. He is kind, thoughtful, chivalrous, and most importantly, cares for the little ponies. He may be rich and from Canterlot, but he is not an ass because of it (of corse he is not an ass, he is a pony) My guess? Either he was risen in the small town and grew himself, or perhaps his mother was a small town girl, living in a lonely world. Or his dad was a city colt, living in south Detrot. They taught him to respect the small ponies, because they do matter. They are ponies too, and to never forget that.
Most importantly though, he was in stark contrast to the other Canterlot personality Rarity was in love with: BLUEBLOOD. He was the definition of Canterlot elite for a long time, and oh how we HATE him. Outright despise him, and for mutable reasons. Not only is he a rich, snobby, uncaring, ungentlemanly jackass, he is the nephew of Princess Celestia, and a prince for crying out loud. Even if we don't like to admit it, Disney and others have ingrained into society that princes are chivalrous and gentlemanly. So when this pompous ASS comes in, we are a little ticked. He is supposed to be chivalrous, he is the nephew of one of the kindest benevolent rulers in the history of benevolent rulers. How was he able to become like this? Further, he treated Rarity as a sub-par pony. The reason we hate him this much is because we, as a mostly male fandom, hate that he treated a lady, ESPECIALLY Rarity, like he did. The only way he could be hated more is if he yelled at Fluttershy.
Then comes Fancy Pants. He was the stallion Blueblood was SUPPOSED to be. He was a gentleman, even though he was rich, not too bad looking (I’m not gay...or attracted to horses) and he has a good wit too. Fancy Pants’ “Well, that is one way to make an introduction,” line makes me giggle every time. Like a man. Laughing at something funny.

And, I would respond:

Fancy Pants is indeed not initially understood. His motives for being so kind to Rarity are a little shady considering the environment he operates in. But you have to understand these aspects of him are the backbone of my argument. Fancy Pants' initial impressions can leave an onlooker a little suspicious of his sincerity, but that's all about bringing up the irony of his character.

Of course, the irony can only be completed with the final scenes of the episode when Fancy Pants goes out of his way to compliment Rarity on her work. I admit it can be interpreted differently, but I personally believe this was Fancy Pants being a genuine pony. It really rests on the fine details of the situation. The fellow high class ponies are all not impressed with Twilight's atire at all. They may be pawns, as I have stated, but that doesn't mean Fancy Pants is necessarily an immovable object, he still has the potential to lose his credibility. His actions for Rarity were purely from the heart in my opinion. This ultimately completes the ironic nature of his character, from overbearing to teddy bear.

I'll admit, Blueblood would've made an interesting point. His direct relationship with Rarity serves as a nice devil's advocate to Fancy Pants' relationship. I think overall, the two stallions show appearances and status aren't everything by any means. I might've held off on Blueblood for future rant purposes... but we'll get to that in time.

And that's how it would work. AK_Brony has planned to send in an anti-rant for my Mysterious Mare Do Well defense in Trig Rant #2, so stayed tuned. I encourage anyone and everyone to also send in their responses to my last three editorials on what you think I missed the mark on. But please, keep them polite. I will post and respond to all that I think deserve it, so don't be afraid to send 'em in. You can additionally post as anonymous as well. 

That just about covers it. I WILL be doing suggestions for Friday's Trig Rant #4, so sound off on those in the comments below. Send in your responses to my previous three to (I will probably have a separate email eventually for this though), and have a fantastic night (or day)!