Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Discord's Domain Invades Your Interwebs!

The time has finally come! Discord's Domain now has an active site on Twitter! ...Sort of! We've finally figured out a way to link the blog to Twitter so that it makes a tweet automatically when we make a blog post! The Discord's Domain facebook page may become active in this manner soon too, though there seemed to be a problem right before this post was posted. So get your popcorn ready: sit back and watch the  mayhem as this little blog starts to grow its roots out into the rest of the web! Savor the Discord as we run around like decapitated chickens (No Scootaloo joke?! S#!t just got real!) fixing bugs and issues! Discord's Domain's Facebook, Twitter, and other pages can be found here on the blog's "Contacts" page. You can also access this page at the top of the main page of the blog.

Edit: Direct link to twitter - https://twitter.com/DiscordsDomain

Also, with more active Twitter/Facebook/etc pages it might help out to have a few more mods, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities!