Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MLP: RPG Housing and Graphical Updates

   MLP: RPG has gone through some pretty large updates, including a full graphical facelift, personal housing, and the inclusion full library of songs! Above is the full trailer for MLP:RPG.
Go past the break to see a video demonstrating the updates of the game and a HUGE list of info on the game. Go here if you wish to download the game.

Game Information:
This game is based upon unique storyline customized from the cartoon series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” but at the same time for those players who haven’t watched the series yet, they can still follow up to the story without any trouble. The game features epic classical RPG experience as well, that means if you love MLP and as well as drilling experience of classical RPG games everything would work out for you. Game will have over 10 unique classes, over 200 unique skills, unique transportation system (Teleport scrolls, all ponies can fly on high level), unique monsters (Randomized), epic bosses, customized characters,over 15000 weapon/armor, crafting, mining, fishing, farming, house construction, player housing, achievements, and many more! This game is one of the few RPG out there that have such unique functions.
The game will be featuring After-Game-Completion contents. You will be able to unlock the two extra ponies that you don’t have a chance to play with. One more town map with bosses that is nearly impossible to defeat. But that is not possible until part 2.
Game will be available only for the PC users; unless RPG Maker VX Ace will have its cross-platform functionalities.
Date of release: Section one is already released on 8-8-2012. Section two will be planned for next year summer.

Gameplay difficulties:
Normal - No buff or any penalty.
Hard – 20% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin buff. 10% atk drop, no drop in Matk
Extreme – 50% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin/drop buff. 20% atk drop, no drop in Matk
Hardcore – 80% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin/drop/exp buff. 30% atk drop, no drop in Matk
Pony character traits (in general):
Twilight (Main Character) – She can be good at every single class.
Fluttershy (Healer) – She is responsible for healing in battles.
Applejack (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rainbow Dash (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rarity (Support) – Provide other characters with different kind of buff.
Pinkie Pie (???) - ?????????????????????????????????????
Gameplay unique aspects:
Ponies! Over 9000 weapon and armor! Over 10 mini games! Crafting ! Weapon/Armor dismantling! Over 150 skills! Unique bossing concepts! Unique and first RPG fishing skill! Unique and first RPG mining skill! Unique level design! Unique character trails! Unique storyline! Unique ..... Just play and see... too much to be listed.
1% of the Game Plot(Spoilers):
It all started from the dragon’s disappearance from Equestria. Since ponies don’t know much about the dragons, Twilight and her friends will have to find out about what is going on from scratch.
After days of searching for clues, Twilight discovered the ancient dragon altar; which will lead Twilight to why the dragons disappeared. What is the greater force that the ponies don’t know about? Will the ponies meet the same fate as the dragons?
Storyline will be taken in both world between Equestria and Earth.
Also, the plot itself might seem boring and made for 7 years old? Trust me, the game contains manliest plot you can ever see in RPG history. Uhh.... Yea..... :D

Game controls:
Arrow keys = movement
space/enter bar = confirm
shift = fast walk (Dash)
F1 = Game settings (Mute sound, fullscreen, etc.)
F2= Show FPS
Esc key = menu
W = pet menu.
Game Future contents (Vision of this game):
When it comes to future contents, it would all comes down to the fans, the more downloads, the more reviews, the more view it gets, the more content game adds. The truth right now is I am lacking both game developers and fans. Most of my game developers working on this project left due to university and my trailer video only gotten 500 views; which is really horrible. My strength is limited and I also have other important tasks to do as well.

Thank you EQG for the heads up!