Monday, December 24, 2012

Comics: Destruction time!/ A present for Twilight./ Applejack's Heritage/ A Dash of Logic/ Good heavens,just look at the time.

Cthulhu, presents, logic, and time... VARIETY, I tell you!!!

Comics after the break...

1. Destruction time! by CIRILIKO
Is this the part where I make an obscure SWAG.MOV reference?

2. A present for Twilight. by Coltsteelstallion
If I were Trig right now, I would ask that one question at the end of this... But, WHY?????

3. Applejack's Heritage by MrFulp
"Yes... The connection's even more clear... And, not I feel gypped..." -Trig's mind

4. A Dash of Logic by Toxic-Mario
Damn... I have asked that question once...

5. Good heavens,just look at the time. by Miokomata
Cause Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me~
(Yeah... That had NOTHING to do with this comic... Just wanted to get that off my chest...)