Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Nightly Megathread Before Christmas

Oh... Hi, there... "Didn't see you there..." This is Joseph Houser, and tonight, we're kicking off this celebration early with a pre-Christmas party in the comments below! Even if you're a lurker and never actually comment, I implore you to comment this ONE time... Don't be shy... Fluttershy and I won't bite...

Since this is still a Nightly Megathread, there are videos and stuff to look at after the break, as usual, but the main focus here is the pre-Christmas party in the comments... And, this is where FPLOON will meet you there (while I stay here and wait til FPLOON needs me...)

Tune in at 10am BT (Blog Time) for the Blog6 and Co. Christmas Party!