Monday, December 24, 2012

Comic: It's Something / Truly Outrageous / A Little Horse #2

Oh Derpy, the most feared Red Baron of the lands. Some say you will never even hear her coming. Not like that would save you if you did. And while Derpy wreaks havoc and anvils upon Equestria, you can look at comics!

1. It's Something by =Veggie55

A colt not likin' Lyra's hugs? "You're just an ungrateful cretin!"
I personally would give a return to the sender myself...

2. Truly Outrageous by ~robynneski

Nice going, Carrot. If you had a death wish you'd get just as good results as writing your name in that Death Note book...

3. A Little Horse #2 by *MrBastoff

Truly there was no other way to end this comic...