Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rarity vs. Giant Crab

For some time now, there has been fan art of Rarity about to battle against a giant crab... It wasn't until I heard this battle theme for this fight that it got me thinking of the most simplest question that probably has a simple answer to go with it... Who would win in that fight? Rarity or the Giant Crab?

Then, as I thought harder on this subject, I thought up a few more questions...
Why is Rarity and the giant crab fighting?
What's the giant crab's name?
What key connection to they both share that probably lead to this pending battle?
If her friends were there to assist, would that make the situation better or worse than how it is now?

Those were just some of the other questions I came up with while waiting to do a proper music post, so go ahead and answer one or two or all of the questions in the comments... In fact, if you can come up with some more questions that I did not ask, them place them in the comments as well...

(Also, if someone can find an animation of Rarity and the Giant Crab and/or more Rarity and the Giant Crab music, please let me know...)