Monday, December 3, 2012

Mega Music Post #22

Trixie isn't a music fan.  Which is too bad, because we have plenty of music in store for you  after the break.  So, do you like music?  Don't be a Trixie.  Just hurdle the break, and trust me, your ears will thank you.

1.) Applejack's Daydream
2.) ViFFeX-Through the Clouds
3.) Basto-Again and Again(Gravey Remix)
4.) Bad Seed (Applejinx acid ska house remix)
5.) For Pinkie Pie, Something Pink-DJ Luna
6.) BronEstep-In the Name of Democracy
7.) StormWolf+WoodenToaster-Fruits of her Labour(Doofcake remix)
8.) Super Smash Ponies-Twilight Sparkle
9.) Timeless Destruction (DJ Chaos Light Edit)