Monday, December 3, 2012

Nightly Megathread #65

Uhhh... Twi? I think you have been studying a TEENY TINY bit too hard... Now, why not join us for a megathread tonight to calm yourself down? This way, past the break.


(in the tune of Gypsy Bard)

When you're high in elevation

There's a single destination:
You're a victim of gravitation
and you're bound to take a dive.

And whenever walls tilt slightly

know that there is no stability.
It will likely break your body
as you fall and tumble down!

When I was off mountain hiking, a wobbly rock made me lose my hoofing.

So they rushed me off to the hospital. Said, "ditch those limbs if you want to live on."
So they screwed one thousand bolts and brought me back with countless jolts.
Surgery was done, and my robot life begun, but I still feel the pain of the fall.

Since I've broken every appendage

and I couldn't use a bandage
Watch out for the ka-boom ba-boom
of my iPhone exploding!

Though this form is terrifying

and the pain is agonizing,
but please, ponies stop your fleeing:
There is nothing wrong with me! 

Please... I won't hurt anypony... Come back...



Make every Pinkie happy! First one to screencap the winning screen then post it in the comments wins two KitKat bars that I found under my couch!





The loony writers of MLP have decided to make Trixie a main character and is to appear as often as the Mane 6 (now Mane 7). What are your personal thoughts of this? How would she fit in with the others? Give an example of an episode that features her as the lead role! (not vs Twi obviously)