Friday, February 15, 2013

Goodnight comics

Undead-Niklos says Goodnight! by ~Undead-Niklos
And I say goodnight as well.
Have a bunch of comics. The header is a new part of the series, by the way. Click it.

Track and Folly by ~Zztfox

Would've cropped only Fluttershy, but the preview was too small...
Anyway, Pixelponies.
Twilicornication by *CountDoofus

Family Guy crossover to represent the current conflict. And because it's funny.
Overstayed Welcome by ~FigN01

Wooo, explosions! Who would have such a button next to his door...
Oh, right. He would.
Twilight's Ascension: It was All a Dream by ~HatBulbProductions

Final part of Twilight's Ascension.
Didn't quite expect that ending, to be honest.
Oh well, just go back to sleep...
Fluttershy's New Clothes by ~Pony-Berserker

*ready your mind*
Princess Ominous by *CrownePrince

That's harsh, Cadance...
Comic 36: The Amazing Alicorn Princess. by =ZSparkonequus

It's a ponified Spider Man comic. At least the intro.
I guess. Never read one, actually.