Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comic Post #50: Best Day Ever / Cause Tomorrow Spring is Here / Dys. Equestria: Brony Birthday / Last Drink

Pinkie's Notebook Exploitable by *TheHolyTuna

Well, I went to see Lincoln, and whadduya know, billions of comics were posted. Though, I would suspect most of you have already seen them, so how 'bout just some of the very newest of comics? Find them after the earthquake break.

1. Best Day Ever by *Foxy-Noxy

Until you find out they all taste like cardboard. Unless she still enjoys cardboard, as .0002% of the world's population find it to be quite the delicacy.
2. Cause tomorrow spring is here by *Dori-to

Hey, I'm a-ok with winter starting early. However, being the Twilight fan that I am, I must point our Twilight's magic is not white.

If Swat ever randomly stops posting, well... we've already got our explanation to the cops pre-made. Testifying against a fictional character in My Little Pony may prove to be a little difficult.
4. last drink by *CSImadmax

Posted moments ago. To quote random fish from Spongebob: "I should lay off the hot sauce".